Something for Hindi

हिंदी पर गर्व करना ,ये वाक्य मेरे लिए उतना ही अद्भुत है जितना संसार में  पेड़ो  का  हरे होना या आकाश का नीला होना। मैं  तो सदैव हिंदी की ही रही हूँ और हिंदी कभी भी मेरे लिए भाषा तो रही नहीं।  मेरी अभिव्यक्ति ,भाव ,तनाव,हास्य  और रूचि तो हिंदी ही रही और रहेगी  भी। जब मेरी सोच का माध्यम हिंदी ही  है तब गर्व … Continue reading Something for Hindi

History in making : A child’s perspective on 2020

Not very long ago I finished learning my alphabet  Soon reading books becomes my greatest asset Strangely, I become inquisitive and start exploring the mystery  Of the past through the lessons of history  For me, chapters  in a history book are some vehicle  That secretly travels between different time zones  and experience is magical   Sometimes reading about the era of the king-queen kingdom   Sometime collecting … Continue reading History in making : A child’s perspective on 2020

Unfolding the creative canvas

  Meet the artist  Hi, I am Sarva from India . I am a 10 year old boy and my  hobby is passing time with colours. I learnt my skills from YouTube videos and specially want to thank Deepak Art and Craft for creating such useful videos for kids. If I can create colourful artwork then you can also channelize your spare time into a creative canvas.   … Continue reading Unfolding the creative canvas