History in making : A child’s perspective on 2020

Not very long ago I finished learning my alphabet 

Soon reading books becomes my greatest asset

Strangely, I become inquisitive and start exploring the mystery

 Of the past through the lessons of history

 For me, chapters  in a history book are some vehicle 

That secretly travels between different time zones  and experience is magical 

 Sometimes reading about the era of the king-queen kingdom

  Sometime collecting knowledge on struggle of freedom

So many stories and so many wonders

Some treaties proved blessing , and some regarded as blunders

 World war to World Trade Tower disasters

Lucky me  ️born many years after 

I thought no more such catastrophe going to come on earth any soon 

 However, the year 2020 unfortunately not looking like a boon 

It seems the merciless Corona not letting anyone immune 

No school for me so all day watching cartoon 

I can feel I am being part of history in making 

But the whole experience is terrible, and I am shaking 

Thinking how would my family going to cope 

But still, I am not losing hope 

Things will be back to normal again someday

 Until then, we need to stay calm anyway. 

Witnessing history in making 2020

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