Introduction of Hindi word dekho (look) for children

It is hard for parents to introduce basic of Hindi language for their small children. One of the reason is that a child often feel terrified while reading books with lots of words on one page. Hence, to encourage beginner level Hindi students I tried to introduce booklets that can help encourage children to haveContinue reading “Introduction of Hindi word dekho (look) for children”

Hari tokri-hindi story

Hindi reading seems a tough task for many children who are residing outside India. To boost small kids’ confidence to read Hindi, this booklet written in an easy to read format. Introducing basic colours and simple sentence structure for children. Parents can use the pictures to enhance the interest of a child to communicate inContinue reading “Hari tokri-hindi story”

Coat ka kissa

कुछ   पांच या छः  साल पहले का किस्सा रहा होगा।  बड़े शौक से मैंने आपने बड़े बेटे के लिए एक कोट ख़रीदा।  स्कूल के स्टेज पर कोई प्रोग्राम था जहां जा कर कुछ बोलना था।  जनाब कोट पैंट पहन कर शीशे के सामने खड़े आपने को घंटो निहारते रहे ,फिर बोले – ” मैं तोContinue reading “Coat ka kissa”