The power of serving

Living synergistically in society has been an integral part of human civilization since its existence of humanity. Undoubtedly, for the smooth functioning of a happy and healthy community, people need to work together for a purpose. That single purpose of giving back to society can come up with many name tags such as volunteering, social service or community workers. But the essence remains the same, finishing a mammoth task of flawlessly serving all age group populations by the combined effort of a dedicated handful of young workers.
While as a little kid, we all used to believe that in a large gathering, work happens by some magic. In those early years, it may seem that some aliens must have been helping to organize the task of cooking meals to serving food. But, when one grows up and goes behind the stage, a sudden realization comes that many were the helping hands working smilingly together for a task to accomplish.
Perhaps, the western world can borrow from India the power of collectiveness and the essence of serving.

Being part of a community add so much meaning to a person’s life
Reason to cheer up are millions .
Blessing is when genuine people are around, and you learn so much from their actions.

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