What’s the name

Around five years back, my growing up started getting curious about his surroundings. While scrolling down through the local park, he constantly chirps in “Mom what the name of this big plant is? “ “Momy look at this amazing red flower, what’s the name? All I could mutter for ten questions- “Sorry! I don’t know 🤷‍♀️. After a few minutes, his patience silently stood a few meters apart from him, and he asks – “Moma what do you know? “ “Not much “- I confessed. “ My knowledge about Australian native flora is almost nothing. But yes, I am at least good with Indian plants. So why don’t you teach me little about Australian kinds of stuff and I exchange my knowledge of Indian nature .”- I proposed the plan in front of him. He quickly reached to the conclusion- “why not mommy “. Since then, he never asked me what’s the name of the plant or flower; instead, he explains to me about tress and plant, while we go together for a walk.

When blue sky meets green grasses

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