Oh no! I forgot to write for young children

imageRecently, after reading my article, one of my close friends thought to let her daughter read that write-up. However, these writing pieces were full of medical terminologies and serious topics. Therefore, I decided to write something for kids around nine years old. Oh no! I can’t think of a suitable topic for them!

These creative kids are no longer babies who can laugh from the likes of the beautiful story of the starving caterpillar by Eric Carle. Oops! Sorry for the wrong title! It was not very famished or starving; it was the very hungry caterpillar.


They are also not looking for stories which scare them in their childhood. Remember how the interesting Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson can help kids’ imagination to float on paper? Then I thought – will children be happy with the story of the famous Robin Hood? Oh, no! the children declined my proposal because Robin Hood’s attire is not impressive anymore. Wearing such an outfit these days is hard. So, I decided to look for a story from my library. I think this time I am lucky and grab the famous Harry Potter book by J.K.Rowling. I was sure children couldn’t say no to this book, but I was wrong again; the children had read this book several times before. Oh no! how come kids are so smart? I read it when I was in college. That’s another story I never liked reading so much, and I was often scolded by my parents for not reading books. How could I ever reveal the reason for getting scolded to my children?

Lastly, I tried to look for some real-life inspiring character. However, children seemed not ready to absorb so many facts as they are still kids. These kids are so confusing; sometimes they act so smart, and sometimes they behave just like their baby brothers/sisters.

Therefore, I gave up and started writing again for mums and dads.


4 thoughts on “Oh no! I forgot to write for young children

  1. I think you can create another story for these kids or teenagers. Just get cracking you might get one soon. Q is looking forward to reading your article.


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