Vibrant feathers in a gold crown

Once upon a time, in a spectacular paradise land, there was a stunning gold crown, who was proud of his shine and texture. He never wanted anything else to touch him,  so he preferred to stay in a gold box. Every morning the crown looks up in the mirror and proudly appreciate his radiant glow and chanted -“I am glad that I am pure gold and I can never get old.”
One day few soft and colourful feathers blew in the room and floating across one corner to the other. The dancing pattern of quills was so elegant that the crown itself was mesmerised for hours. Crown had never felt so relaxed before and suddenly he doesn’t want to go back in the box too. Rather, he wanted to do groovy movements with the vibrant feathers. In his joyful voice, the crown announced-“I am glad that I am pure gold but without singing-dancing, I feel really bored. Hence, requesting talented feathers to be with me to uphold: the charm of blending colourful feathers in a gold crown.”
Similar to the gold crown 🤴 adolescents often embedded themselves into the world 🌍 of books 📚 and forget rest of their dimensions to explore . However, adding some feathers of extracurricular activities such as sports 🥎, drawing ✍️ and dancing 💃 can help a student 👩‍🎓 to relax and socialise. Go ahead achieve goals however don’t forget to collect hobbies in journey of life to achieve the milestone of happiness in a positive life.

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