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The Gorgeous Skull

I like to spend my evenings in a restaurant with a cup of cappuccino and children. It is a time of the day when we relax and unwind to relieve our tiredness. Fortunately, I found an interesting illustration with a lot of flowery patterns to color. It is a skull with a pattern of flowers instead of an eye socket. What a brilliant idea by the artist to enhance the creativity of kids.

I saw such a beautiful skull for the first time. Usually, a picture of a skull with two bones in an X shape is a sign of danger or is a synonym of death during Halloween. However, the illustration provides a new dimension of a skull.

In fact, in reality, a skull is made of hard white bone, which is there to protect the wobbly and delicate brain. Therefore, the skull needs to be protected, and we are asked to wear helmets while driving two-wheelers.

The skull also provides shape to our face. Can you imagine a face without a skull inside? Maybe we would all look like an octopus or jellyfish.

So next time, when you feel bored at home, wear your imagination hat, and construct a gorgeous skull.